After my first full year, my birthday has now become my NEW-YORK-A-VER-SA-RY. And last year it became my tradition to dawn black. Here are a few reasons why this shade represents my move from my 2017 post introducing the idea

I’d be afforded a lot less square footage and closet space, I packed only the essentials in three pieces of luggage. To make this process even more efficient I only packed black. The one essential shade that goes with everything.

I always knew that black was a staple color for NYC, but until moving here officially, I didn’t fully understand why. Within a few weeks, this rationale was very clear. Here are a few reasons I gathered:

  • I’ve already said this, but it goes with everything.
  • You’re always on public transportation (and don’t want to draw a lot of attention to yourself or get white dirty).
  • It transitions well from day to night.
  • Slush, rain and snow don’t show on black.
  • Makes any accessory or jewelry look great.

And even besides these reasons, it’s lean, all-purpose and just looks damn good.

So, it’s N-Y-C en Noir from here to the near future. I think it’s the perfect fit. This 2018 edition I went with the Knight en Noir title,  which to me metaphorically represents a wordplay for a Knight at night in a regal transit through black/darkness to his destination. In it’s literal, simplest sense it’s a “knight/night in black”.

It was dope to have my friends join and toast to new memories along with the motif. It’s always important to me to celebrate life with those I love and make sure we champion each other to succeed. Not just on birthdays and holidays, but every day.

Had the pleasure of having my main man, and photographer, Brian Fraser, help me capture all the cool shots. Here are some of the photo highlights below…

Favorite toast shot of the Night by Brian Fraser!

Closed the evening with shots of Don Julio 1942

Special thanks to my STK & Moet Hennessy Family hosting me in 2 cities, and super special thanks to The Tillary Hotel, across the bridge in Brooklyn, for the being the host hotel for me in my friends. From the T Room cafe, to the city view rom the junior suite – it was truly epic. Best experience I’ve had at a hotel in a long time… Tip for breakfast: avocado toast (Vanessa’s way), cappuccino & a danish!

Now that you’ve read my NYC story, let me share my ATL (Magnum Mondays) dinner party with you here.

Remember… Once you go black…


‘Champagne Jesse’ Mills

Knight en Noir NYC | Dinner Party at STK

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