They say we shouldn’t go chasing waterfalls, but I’ve been looking for a mens waterfall style sweater for over a year, and found it right at the transition of the season. I was going for white, but this light grey neutral can be paired with the same looks. In the spring months, it’s good to have a lightweight, breathable layering piece to throw on in the evenings when the temperature can be cooler. I usually keep one in the trunk of my car or backpack.Champagne Jesse Mills in Mens Waterfall Cardigan 7Champagne Jesse Mills in Mens Waterfall Cardigan 4Champagne Jesse Mills in Mens Waterfall Cardigan 6Champagne Jesse Mills in Mens Waterfall Cardigan 3

Maintained the neutrals with my shirt and denim, down to my grey lace-up sneakers. These grey are a private label style that I grabbed on my last trip to New York by Nahariya, designed and manufactured by the Founders of KITH. They aren’t available online or searchable by name, so was pleased to discover them in person. They have a Common Projects inspired look and quality, but with them being private label you never know – it could be the same exact materials. The quality of the leather and last is top notch.

Champagne Jesse Mills in Nahiyara Mens ShoesChampagne Jesse Mills in Nahiyara Mens Shoes 4Champagne Jesse Mills in Nahiyara Mens Shoes 3

The more you learn how the manufacturing and fashion game works, the more you realize how much of it deals with the hype in a name. Often times we’re paying for a name, and the prestige associated with the brand. This is not necessarily indicative of the quality of the item, but how it makes us feel and how society perceives it. Being a branding professional I understand this process all too well, so I try to steer clear of some of the traps. Understanding textiles and how private labeling works can save you a lot of money when you may just be paying for a name.

Champagne Jesse Mills in Mens Waterfall Cardigan 1

Nevertheless, no matter how you get it or wear it – it keeps us fresh. Knowing a little background info just makes us a better buyer as we tell our story. Look forward to sharing more style and tips this spring.


‘Champagne Jesse’ Mills