I was honored to recently be selected as a Grand Marnier Influencer for the Atlanta Market. As part of my training for the role, I was asked to come to New York City for 3-days, which included brand and sales education on Grand Marnier, dining experiences, and a cool stay at the Dream Hotel in Downtown Manhattan.

Champagne Jesse Mills at Dream Hotel New York 2015 in Marc Jacobs and Naked and Famous Denim

It was enriching to not only be in the center of the marketing and branding world in NYC, but to also be immersed in the culture that drives it.

There were so many interesting people, conversations and energies all around you. Everyone had their own unique style, and an inherently special way of sharing it.

Champagne Jesse Mills at Los Feliz New York Grand Marnier Influencer Dinner
Champagne Jesse Mills, Dominique Giovine and guests at Grand Marnier Los Feliz dinner in New York 2015

The best photos I was able to capture were from the Dream hotel. The PHD Rooftop Lounge space we were training in, provided scenic 360 views of New York City, visible all the way to the Empire State Building. The modern decor of hotel lounge, also provided some unique shots as well.

Champagne Jesse Mills view of New York city landscape from PHD Rooftop at Dream Hotel Downtown 2015
Champagne Jesse Mills at Dream Hotel New York Lounge 2015

Tops by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Suit Supply and Alexander McQueen | Pants by PRPS and Naked and Famous Denim

I’m going to continue this over 2 posts…


Champagne Jesse