Labor Day marks the unofficial last weekend for white. And with the olympics owning this summer ’16, what better way to end then with Olympic White?!


Casual luxury allows us to achieve maximum comfort in premium style. It’s a great way to keep your cool in the summer with lighter, more breathable pieces. This Rugby Mesh Polo is made with a Pima Cotton, Polyester and Elastane blend, in a Custom Fit trim cut. Always check the label to see what your garment is made of. How it wears is heavily reliant on the fabrics and construction.

If you have a slimmer, athletic build, I always recommend the custom fit by Ralph Lauren or the Live Collection by Lacoste. If you’re looking for a roomier fit, the classic collections are best.


The Huarache Ultrabreathe Lifestyle sneaker was made with the same clean, lightweight mesh design. So, it paired well with the look in white.

For the finish, Belvedere is my go-to, for a light drink that gives luxury. Great neat with your favorite fruit garnish, or in a champagne cocktail on a summer ’16 Sunday at brunch.


In closing, remember this tip: being casual doesn’t mean losing luxury. A casual look can be just as luxurious as your suit & tie. Make your transition from the block to the boardroom seamless.

Now, for the real question… when can we start rockin’ winter white?!

P.S. Special Birthday ShoutOut to Mrs. Hanan Brown.


Polo by Ralph Lauren | Track Pants by Ralph Lauren | Sneakers by Nike .


‘Champagne Jesse’ Mills