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Step into the Columbus Circle

We all know that Columbus didn't discover America, but he seemed to somehow get all the credit. Talk about genius branding... that's a lot to claim credit to! Now that we've got that fact out of the way, lets talk about stepping into Columbus Circle, one of my favorite destinations in Manhattan, NYC. We've all heard the cliche, "welcome to the circle", but [...]

Brunch Heisman

When you're feeling it, you gotta hit the Heisman!

Moët STK DC Brunch

Always great to join my STK DC family when I have the opportunity to go back home to The District (of Columbia). Had chance to catch up with friends, Patricia Woo and Lance Gross, and toast with Moët Rosé Magnums celebrating the Bison Brunch for Howard Homecoming. Probably the best brunch I've ever had, complete with: steak and eggs, lobster and g[...]