So the plan was to hit up brunch for a few hours, then head to Tomorrow World, BUT the way that the weather was setup *Kevin Hart voice* it didn’t quite work out that way… Due to the rain over the weekend and mud from all of the Ravers the first 2 days, they shutdown transportation to the festival grounds for the third and final day. We didn’t find this out until about 11am Sunday morning, so we were a little down, but I guess it just gave us an excuse to enjoy The Bottle Service Brunch even more! See the official Tomorrow World Facebook post below:

Tomorrow World Festival Cancels Third Day Sunday

Me and my friends were channeling more of a Coachella vibe anyway, but who makes the rules right?! I felt like Indiana Jones was meeting Mrs. Jones to head to a rodeo or sumn’. The goal was to have fun with it while still being fashionable, and this made for another brunch to remember! Here’s a video form when it got wavy:

Jesse Mills with guests at the Bottle Service Brunch Atlanta enjoying Veuve Clicquot Champagne

Champagne Jesse Mills Atlanta Fall Fashion in Levis

Champagne Jesse Mills Music Festival Fashion

The Brunch-to-Tomorrow-World flow just stopped at brunch, but I think that brunch was enough… We even had a hashtag made up: #Brunch2TomorrowWorld – imagine the damage we would’ve done to that ‘#’ ?!

Champagne Jesse Mills Atlanta Fall Fashion in Levis

Behind the lens…



‘Champagne Jesse’ Mills