My favorite show for the last 2 years has been Power.  To me, the show represents the essential balance between the street and corporate business world. To master this, we must understand The Power Suit.

omari hardwick suitWhile my product is different, as a Branding Entrepreneur, much like the show’s lead character, James St. Patrick (AKA Ghost) played by Omari Hardwick, I’ve connected with brands on the corporate level to help them translate and sell to people on the street level. I call this the “boardroom to block approach.” As Mr. St. Patrick displays, this requires flexibility, finesse and power that only comes from a clever execution and style of business.

A big part of what makes his style successful is his ability to transition from scene-to-scene seamlessly. His understanding of the proper fit of a suit, and how the line and characteristics of the garment complement his strategic movements. I drew a lot of inspiration from this, because he makes this process look effortless…. I’m just trying my best.

From his style, I see that black and white provides the most contrast in any look, while still understanding that grey is always a good alternative for black in almost any ensemble.

champagne jesse mills suit atlanta

Here’s 3 ways I breakdown my look:

  • Instead of a basic white button-down, I chose one with a blue (neutral) check, to add a little modernity.
  • I paired the grey tie to bring out the chalk stripe of the suit.
  • Patterned pocket silk thrown in for the finish.

While it’s tough to achieve the perfection of Mr. St. Patrick’s character, we can always take a try at perfection (explain this more in a future post).

champagne Jesse Mills Atlanta 2015

champagne jesse mills suit atlanta 3

As the weather changes thru Autumn, I’ll revisit this story, to show how to master the transitional power of suiting to more casual streetwear.

Suit by Kuhlman | Shirt by John W. Nordstrom | Pocket square by John W. Nordstrom | Tie by Theory | Watch and wingtip boots by Hugo Boss

Jesse Mills Suit Atlanta 3


‘Champagne Jesse Mills