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BMW i3 Commercial

Pretty cool to get a cameo in the 2104 BMW i3 Commercial. Was fun shooting this - rocking a black SuitSupply suit. Gave me chance to explore a more conservative, clean look. The brand/studio's goal was for me to be styled as a Techy Accountant or Lawyer - I hope we accomplished that! Cheers, Champagne Jesse

Moschino London Fashion Week

Came accross this on Moschino's Instagram; a clever Hershey's Chocolate Bar Package video invite for London Fashion Week 2014. Cheers, Champagne Jesse

The St. Regis Atlanta to STK Atlanta

I went from the St. Regis Atlanta to STK Atlanta's Magnum Mondays to celebrate my Veuve Clicquot Magnum Mondays Dinner Party Birthday experience with friends and family 1.27.14. Was a night to remember...Fireworks and confetti! Suit, Shirt and Tie by: Suit Supply Cheers, Champagne Jesse