I recently had a conversation with Grand Marnier about my insights on how to Blend Out and my perspective on personal branding. The term “Blend Out” means to organically be someone that others aspire to know.

I always think back to a quote by one of my favorite motivational speakers, Joyce Meyer, that states, “don’t be a copy of someone else, instead be the original you were designed to be.” I feel that this defines not only my personal brand, but also all of ours. What I try to do is be confident in who I truly am. True to my style, my opinions and my taste – even when it may not be popular to others. We were all born different and draw from different experiences, so people disagreeing with you should be expected. When you find yourself to be overly agreeable to the world around you, there is some aspect of your personal brand you are either sacrificing or not being completely loyal too.

What we don’t like defines us just as much as what we do like. If we are discerning and confident in the direction we choose to go this is naturally the most desirable quality we can impart on the society around us. This is what our influence is. Influence is not some elusive, mysterious thing. It is the process of others being drawn to what you share with the world around you. Drawn to your authenticity, your approach and your contributions. There are many manifestations of influence that can be shared through the way that you dress, where you dine, what you read, the art you create and ultimately how you live your life.

I didn’t design this Blog necessarily with the notion of influence in mind, but if what I can share can inspire the world around me in a profound way by sharing my journey, then I think that is amazing.


Jesse Mills